Suspicious Vehicle Visits Farmview Drive

posted Oct 22, 2012, 8:50 AM by David Burkhart   [ updated Oct 22, 2012, 9:31 AM ]

The following report was received from one of our community members:

[Sunday, October 21st]

This might be nothing, and then again, it may not...  We saw a light-colored car (we're divided as to whether it was white, beige or silver, but it was medium sized -- perhaps a Volvo) of reasonably recent vintage driving very slowly past our house (on Farmview Dr.) two different times around midday today -- roughly noon and again around 1:30 pm.  My daughter thought she saw two male (probably white) occupants.

The latter of the two times they were seen, they actually pulled down our driveway making audible comments about our fence or porch-railing.  When my daughter came out to see what was up, they rather quickly backed out and apparently left the neighborhood.

We just returned from a day out, and I haven't had an opportunity to check our outbuildings, etc.  Will report back tomorrow if anything looks disturbed...

Here's hoping they were just on the street because of the house that's for sale -- but pulling into our driveway, several doors away???  Hmmmm....

Be safe and check your locks

If anyone has any information about the vehicle described above, please contact your Community Watch Organizer, the Community Watch Leader for your road, or the Website Administrator using the online Contact form.